The Beginning

Bluphant Games was started due to the frustrated I felt as a developer at the quality of the applications for toddlers available on the Android Marketplace.

All parents understand that there are times when you are stuck waiting with a toddler, this often leads to the toddler being bored and then they misbehave. The one common element in this scenario is that no matter where I am I always have my phone.

The apps that I downloaded for my daughter had annoying issues with them that I wished I could dive in and fix. Therefore I decided that I should start writing app’s myself, using Olivia as a beta tester. All applications have a free version for evaluation, and a paid for version which helps support the upkeep of this site andĀ encouragesĀ me to develop more games. You will find no adverts embedded in any of the games as the only purpose they serve for children this young is to take them away from the app.

The intention is that all the games I create will have an element of education to them, and my plan is to release an app a month as my daughter grows and her needs develop.

Available in Android Market